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День открытых дверей

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It became a good tradition to celebrate the Opening day in April. This year the first time the celebration was in Zavolzhie in the new production area. On 27th of April there were about a thousand of Gorodets citizens.

Celebration atmosphere was in the main entrance to the territory of the plant where music was playing and representatives of the company gifted to all visitors “lucky tickets”. Bright balloons, flags and bracelets with corporate symbols waited for people in the central hall.

For all guests excursions were organized in the plant and all of them had a chance to look at the production system, get to know with the work of operators and also the conditions.

General Manager Clemens Sachs applied to all with the greeting speech. He thanked all people who decided to spend their holiday in LEONI walls. He told about the work of the plant and perspectives of development.

After the official part the celebration program was waiting for guests: dance performance, clowns, singers, bubble show. In conclusion visitors got presents in accordance with “lucky tickets” which were gifted when they came to the plant.

Children were especially excited and they were so many. They came by the whole school classes and hockey teams.

We hope that nobody were pity about this day with LEONI Zavolzhie company.