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Family Health Day


Summer season means the celebration of Family Health Day for our company. The target is promotion of healthy life style among employees and also this is a brilliant possibility to have a rest all together in the open air.

This year the celebration was on 24th of August. Approximately at half past eleven the first visitors of the event started to come to the territory of «Spartak» field in Gorodets – our employees with their wives, husbands, children, relatives and friends. In the entry they got souvenirs of our company: flags, balloons, bracelets, magnets with LEONI logo; coupons for pay-free food, tickets for the lottery. For those who came with small children special tickets for trampolines were provided. So people could immediately feel festive atmosphere.

Official start of the event was sharply at eleven, from the scene the general manager made a speech in which he congratulated all people with such a nice day and wished good luck in sports competitions.

Besides, our employees could enjoy vocal performing and on the occasion of the festivities the dancing troupe « Diva-Lucky show» was invited which participants showed three costumed dances of different subjects.

The super-prize from our company was won in the lottery. The lucky winner became Maria Puzyreva and we congratulate her!

All participants had the possibility to measure their strengths in different sports competitions and demonstrate their agility and skills. Football, jumping, darts and so on: participation in all of them was estimated and at the end results were overviewed, according to them people got presents and certificates.

Children’s fun was boundless because except sports competition there was drawing of pictures in asphalt, plays with merry clowns and jumps in trampolines. Big queues were standing for figure balloons or to get a nice picture in the face.

In spite on the not excellent weather, it was cloudy, our employees could get positive mood thanks to sportive competitions which really could rally our people and didn’t let boring.

At the end of the event all active participants and winners were awarded with honored presents and got personal congratulations from the general manager Clemens Sachs, who was glad about the fact that our employees are successful not only at work but also at sports.

Once again it needs to define that Family Health Day is the event helping to make necessary atmosphere in the collective which so important for corporative spirit.