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Family Health Day 2014


In June 12, 2014 a corporate family event which has become a kind tradition for the plant, Family Health Day, was held.

Warm sunny weather, socializing, spending time with family and friends, children's cries of admiration, positive mood and great memories for the whole year – these are emotions all visitors could feel that Saturday afternoon at the stadium "Motor" in Zavolzhie.

Even at the entrance you could feel a spirit of holiday - everyone who came was presented with bright blue balloons, flags, caps with "Leoni" logo and moreover, the tickets were a lottery where each person could participate and win. At last, time to start the holiday came and Elena Molodtsova, HR Director, welcomed all the guests and wished them excellent rest and good luck in the upcoming competitions. And indeed, there were a lot of entertainments both for children and adults. Everyone could demonstrate the strength, dexterity, physical abilities and take part in competitions on long jump, football and volleyball, darts, table tennis, arm-wrestling, pillow fights, and, of course, in the fun competitions "Mom, Dad, I - are a Sporty Family! ". How much enthusiasm, excitement, joy and positive emotions these competitions gave not only to the participants, but also to the supporters! And the winners were rewarded prizes for their small sports achievements. Without any exaggeration, the most striking, funny and memorable event for kids and their parents became the entertainment show. There were really a lot of things to do, to see and to learn for children of different ages – riding merry-go-rounds, jumping on the trampoline, playing with funny clowns, watching an informative chemical show. Soap-bubbles show "Crystal Fantasy" got admiration of all the viewers and became the most successful event of the day. And it was not the end of the holiday – children showed their art abilities in the traditional pavement drawings show the topic of which was LEONI – the company where their moms and dads work. So, everyone could find something interesting and there were no indifferent people and time for boredom. Besides, no one stayed hungry – there were a lot of ice-cream, sandwiches, pies, cotton candy and soft drinks. Time passed quickly as when cheerful and soul mate people gather together, they feel comfortable and happy!

We would like to thank everyone who organized this wonderful holiday, who spent their time, force and part of their souls to all of us!

Hope to you all next year Family Health Day!