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LPS+ Audit


On week 45 our plant for the first time passed LPSplus audit.

The main target of LPSplus system at our plant is daily improving of the production processes, maintaining the improvements which have already implemented at the appropriate level. The Audit was carried out by the independent LEONI Auditors. During the audit 5S level in the production floor and in the offices was checked. Moreover, the processes of CI ideas suggestions have been extensively studied as well as current projects on improving using such methodology as “Improvement & Coaching Kata”, the level of monitoring of key indicators showing the performance of each department within the company, the structure and effectiveness of meetings among the leadership of the company, etc.

As a result of this audit, our factory has been praised. Undoubtedly, this is the contribution of every one of our company, so I want to thank all the employees for their and participation and help.