Family Health Day 2016

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On July, 2, following its kind tradition, Leoni Company held Family Health Day. And traditionally a lot of laugh, joy, treats, prizes and presents were waiting for all the guests of the feast. White and blue LEONI balloons and flags were not only the corporative attributes but bright decorations which helped to create the atmosphere of the holiday. There were a lot of entertainments both for children and their parents: lottery, animators with a special program for the little kids, competition of drawings, fascinating attractions, numerous sport activities and even flash mob for proactive mothers.  And what a testy McDonald’s food we had! How great it is when there is an opportunity to gather not only with colleagues and friends but with the families, to get acquainted, to communicate and spend free time interesting and happy. All people who were present at the stadium that day got positive unforgettable emotions and good mood. We would like to thank E. Molodtsova and Y. Ivanova for their hard work and creativity in organizing the feast. Also a lot of good words and a lot of thanks to all the people who helped to make this day so bright and interesting: K.Balueva,  A. Khmelev, E.Dolinina, I. Tyupinskaya, T. Churbanova, E. Golovinskaya, S. Titova, L. Magazing, N. Martynova, V. Zaplatina, M. Bel’kov, S. Ganina, A. Korotkova, S. Kryukov, N. Kravets, S. Shmelev, Y. Smirnova, M. Lotyrev, E. Fomina, A. Gorbachev, A. Kiselev, M. Kolpakov, N. Golovanova, D. Guzovin, P. Klevov, I. Kudryashova, A, Schukis, Y. Fomochev, A. Saunin, P. Nazarov, I. Kurochkina, Y. Pischaeva, D. Rogov, I. Morozova and E. Shipulina.