Corporative traditions

Tradition, in its original mention – is the installed order of behavior, relations and activities, it’s repeated from year to year and passed to the further generation.

In our company we have some kind of traditions on which relations and communication between employees are based. They help to motivate and improve the spirit of personnel. They let to define belonging to the company and rally employees with the purpose to make them feel the part of one team!

Our main corporative celebrations

New Year

New Year – is a special kind of celebration which means the presence of fairy tale and magic. Within New Year’s Eve our Ded Moroz and Snegurochka visit homes of employees and gift children not only presents but also celebration spirit.

Open Doors Day

This is a special day for the company because it brings the task to show people all the process from inside, other words what we produce and how. Of course in this day there is a place for celebration concert, lottery and competitions.

Family Healthy Day

Our company is social-oriented and cares of the health of our employees. It means that each summer we organize Family Healthy Day in the open air where people have the opportunity to play football, volleyball, participate in different competitions or just have a rest in the open air.